Chaowei Indoor Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna-Omnidirectional Antenna Up to 120 Miles Range with Amplified Signal Booster for 4K 1080p Smart TV,ATSC TV and All Older TVs

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Product Description

Chaowei TV AntennaChaowei TV Antenna


Spend less than 30 dollars on One Purchase, But save 200 dollars per month by not having to pay for cable, total 2400 dollars! Why not cut your cord?

Chaowei is a professional manufacturer in digital antennas more than 10 years. It designs, develops and produce all sorts of antennas,Chaowei innovative Digital Antennas are worth every cent you pay! Chaowei TV Antennae deserves your trust!

What Will You Get?

1 x HD TV Antenna with 9.8 feet Coax Cable

1 x Amplifier with 3.28 feet Coax Cable

1 x 3M Adhesive Pads

1 x Manual

Enjoy Your Free TV but No Cable Channels! Free Access to All Popular TV Shows In Full 1080 HD Quality With Chaowei Digital HDTV Antennas

DVB230 Leaf TV AntennaDVB230 Leaf TV Antenna

The HDTV reception ensures that you always have the highest quality content. Depending on your location, the digital tv aerial can receive include NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, PBS, THE CW, QUBO, TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, RTV, THIS TV, ION, ME TV, the weather channels and SO MUCH MORE.

High Performance TIPS:

1,If your antenna doesn’t work as expected:

1) Make sure you have correctly connected the antenna to your HDTV device or digital converter box;

2) If you have a TV made before 2007 (or one that does not have an ATSC tuner), you may need a HDTV receiver/set-top box for this antenna to work correctly;

3) Set the mode to Antenna or Air in the TV’s set up menu and re-scan for channels;

4) Re-position the antenna in a different location,such as higher on a wall or closer to a window; Facing the direction of the broadcast tower(some antennas need to aiming the tower);Always re-scan for channels after moving the antenna.

2,If you can’t get clear picture, just try the antenna in different locations or stick it as high as possible nearby the window, sometimes moving a few feet can make a difference.

9.8ft coaxial cable9.8ft coaxial cable

High-Quality Coaxial Cable

Chaowei uses 1.5C-2V Coaxial cable for all Chaowei digital hd tv antennas.

Durable construction protects against Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference, resulting in the best picture quality and consistent performance.

signal strengthsignal strength

Want to Know What Channels Will You Get?

1, Enter your location in those websites “” for channels listings in your area.

2, Pls check the signal strength and the distance to towers to determine if you need to connect the amplifier/signal booster(included) ,the following situations you may need to add this amplifier:

1), The distance to the DTV station is more than 35 miles;

2), Most of DTV stations transmitting the moderate or weak signals;

3), The signals comes in and out time to time or some channels fallen off one day.

3, Location, Signal Strength, The Distance to the Tower are usually 3 main factors which affect the best reception and picture quality! Other factors include local terrain and obstructions such as hills, mountains, buildings and trees.

4, We do not Recommend to use the amplifier/signal booster if your house is very close to the broadcast tower and the signal is already very strong.

Options for set upOptions for set up

Multiple Placement

DVB230 Leaf TV Antenna adopted new technology which you don’t need to put antenna toward to the broadcast tower and put it vertical. You can hang on the wall, stick to the window, flat it on the table, put it on your tv antenna mount…more options for you.

What Other Free TV Antennas are Available in ChaoWei Store?

Miles Range

Up to 40 Miles

Up to 80 Miles

Up to 40 Miles

Install Location




Cable Lenth(total)




Amplifier Kit

Not Included

Included a detachable amplifier

Not Included

Support 1080P HD and 4K

✅Pifa Antenna Feature: 1) Directional Receiving signals in horizontal; 2) Easier to receive long range signals; 3) Easier to capture the Lo-V and Hi-V channels which the Omni-directional antennas may not receive
✅New Technology: The most advanced Smart IC Chip and and the most advanced CleanPeak Filter technology to filter out cellular and FM signals resulting in a clearer picture with low noise, enabling more free TV programming with enhanced gain and range
✅Design: Paper-thin Design makes it easy to install to different positions: lay flat on the table or fix it on the antenna mount, hide it behind the TV/bookshelf, stick to the wall or the window
✅9.8FT Cable: The high performance HDTV Coaxial Cable is long enough with 3.2ft Signal Amplifier USB power cord makes it flexible to place the TV antenna in a position with the best reception in your house (the better, the closer to the window)
✅Easy Set-Up: Just plug into your TV’s coaxial cable port,set your TV to antenna mode and scan for channels. Always remember re-scan for channels after moving the Antenna
✅We DO NOT recommend to use the included amplifier if you’re close to the broadcast tower(within 35 miles) Or the signals are already strong.The USB Powered Signal Booster may cause self-oscillate and you may get fewer channels than without it

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