USB Digital Microscope Camera Mini Handheld with WiFiBOX Petri Dish for iPhone Android Phones, 13MP 30x-1000x Lab Microscopio Kit for Adults Students Kids

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Product Description

Everywhere you go, the world’s subtle beauty opens to you.

Pocket Digital Microscope Camera
Pocket Digital Microscope Camera

Explore the micro-world with TinyScope pocket digital microscope camea

TinyScopeCAM adds dark and bright field subassemblies besides common microscope transmission observation, and can be turned in all directions, magnifies the ability to do scientific work.

In brightfield condition, you can observe the biological slides (contained) like insect and plant specimens; under darkfield observation, collect liquid samples to find transparent and translucent objects like the sperm cells, oral epidermal cells, and plankton.

This pocket digital microscope is not just a handy accessory for professional biology teaching and learning, but also a useful tool for inspecting jewelry, coins, the circuit board, and printing works etc.

Particularly, it helps identify the skin/hair/mites on the beds and pillows to determine when to clean the bedroom.

Connect it to the WiFi module, you can use it on your phone, computers and tablets.

Read the user manual to start the journey for scientific research.

Handheld wireless digital microscope camera
Handheld wireless digital microscope camera

Observe in almost all conditions

TinyScope connecting to iPhone
TinyScope connecting to iPhone

Connect TinyScope to iPhone thru the WiFi Box

Download TinyScope on APP store.
Connect TinyScope CAM to WIFIBox. (WiFi effective distance: 6 m) WiFi Box supports 3 terminals at most for simultaneous accessing.
The WiFi BOX needs charging when the light turns red. Sufficient power supply is needed to maintain the normal transmission of WIFI signal images.
Long press the button to open the WiFi, wait for 3S to 5S; connect to the WiFi following the user manual.
Open the TinyScope app on iPhone, select the interface for TinyScope, and the view displays in real time.

Connect the microscope to computers
Connect the microscope to computers

Connect Tinyscope to Windows

Adjust the data cable to USB/Type-C port. Connect to the computer terminal.
Search ‘Camera’ in Windows 10.
Click to open ‘Camera’ application.

TinyScope connecting to Android
TinyScope connecting to Android

Connect TinyScope to Android

Download TinyScope on APP store. Connect TinyScope CAM to your decive.
Find the settings icon in the upper right in the app and click.
Check if your phone supports OTG function.(Find the ‘OTG test’) Follow ‘OTG tutorial’ to turn on OTG function.
Allow TinyScope to access the USB device.
The light guide area illuminates and the mobile phone jumps to the TinyScope app. Connection finished.

Connect the microscope to macbooks
Connect the microscope to macbooks

Connect Tinyscope to Mac OSX

Adjust the data cable to USB/Type-C port. Connect to the mac.
Open ‘QuickTime Player’-Click on ‘File’ in the upper left-Click on ‘New Movie Record’.
Click to open ‘Camera’ application.

Connect to iPhone

Connect to Windows

Connect to Android Phone

Connect to Mac OSX

TinyScoep Camera Gift Box
TinyScoep Camera Gift Box

Enrich your tool to go deeper into the micro world

Pocket handheld with petri dish

Small to fit in the palm of your hand.

Accompanied by petri dishes, droppers, and specimen slides, the handheld microscope camera is perfect to observe solid and liquid objects.

Place the petri dish on the object lens to do research.

WiFi for all devices

TinyScope WiFiBox is attached for iphone and Mac OSX.

If you use a windows or Android phone to inspect the articles, directly connect the TnyScope CAM to your device is enough.

Reach everything in all directions to explore the unique microscopic world.

Specimen slides

Prepared insects and plants specimen slides (4 slices) are included for beginners or kids to microscopy.

You can also prepare your own specimens following the tips on the web.

Package List

1 * Type-C & Micro-USB 2.0 A adapter
1 * USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 cable
4 * Microscope slides with specimens (Random)
2 * Droppers
1 * Lens Cloth
1 * Storage Bag
1 * User Manual

Technical Specifications

Optical Resolution
2 μm

13 MP

Focusing Range

Light Source

Power supply

69.5mm x 56mm x 23mm


ABS casing + glass lens

8.62 * 6.26 * 1.69 IN
4.92 * 3.15 * 0.79 IN

30X to 1000X
20X to 400X

4 in the camera
Use the flashlight on a phone

Connect to mobile phones or computers
Stick on mobile phone main lens

TinyScope on app store
TinyScope on app store

4 specimen slides; petri dish; droppers; Wifi module; adapters; wipe; manual
2 specimen slides; 12 stickers; wipe; manual


【Microscope for smartphone computers】: TINYSCOPE CAM can help view, zoom and store microscopic images on your mobile phone, computer, or tablet instantly. The wifi box accessory runs to make microscopic pictures delivered to the iphone.
【2 μm objects microscopy】: The novel microscope camera can capture deep to 2 μm details and deliver HD pictures to digital devices with WiFi receiver and OTG capability. While zooming the objects to 30x – 1000X magnification, the digital camera presents up to 3840x3104P HD images through its flat field apochromatic micro lens.
【Fun APP community】: Viewing the high resolution pics on your iphone thru connecting to the WiFiBox part, or taking live videos of chemical experiments/biological footprints activities (like sperm). Meanwhile, users love to share their exciting discovery moments in our innovative free mobile app community.
【Functional lab instrument】: Full scope observation. 4 LED lights inside, accompanied by the dark-field and bright-field illumination accessories, TinyScope makes it easy to see opaque and translucent little objects. 2pcs droppers and spare petri dishes with lids allow kids of 8-12/teens/biology fans to explore aquatic organisms or fun bio-chemical reactions.
【USB microscope equipment】: Additional OTG adapters can be used on devices with Type-C/Micro-A interface. 4pcs random specimen slides attachment riches the kit as a cute entertainment tool for science hobbies, tasks, education and exploration.
【Mini microscope camera】: Extremely Lightweight, portable and compact accessory. Weighs 2.47 oz; 2.75’’ * 2.28’’ * 0.8’’ for the dimensions; it’s easy to do field work and observation, like plants/insects inspection. Put it in the pocket on the trip and discover a new world.
【Wireless Science Kit】: Equip researchers/students/amateurs with this magic microscope for versatile applications, carry on professional laboratory optical microscopy, indoor/outdoor science class kit, satisfy kids’ curiosity to see the wonderful and beautiful micro world of flowers and butterflies.

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