Washing Machine Stand sanyi Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Base Mobile Roller with 4×2 Locking Rubber Swivel Wheels and 4 Strong Feet for Washing Machine, Dryer and Refrigerator

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Product Description

The Multi-functional Adjustable Base can carry up to 660lbs. Ideal for home appliances such as Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Dryer.

washing machine standwashing machine stand



Adjustable Height:4.3~4.7in/11~12cm

Maximum Width:25inch/63cm

Minimum Width:18.3in/46.5cm

Maximum Length:25inch/63cm

Minimum Length:18.3in/46.5cm

Material :stainless steel + PP plastic plate

Weight: about 3.1kg

Load capacity: max, 660lbs/300 kg

The Multi-functional Adjustable Base is a high-performance product. You can put your washing machine, dryer, and refrigerator on this Multi-functional base easily and safely. It is made from stainless pipe plus high strength plastic plate. It has a maximum weight limit of 300kg and is easy to assemble. It uses a button-type lock, not need a screw.

◇Easily adjust the sturdy stainless steel bar to suit the larger furniture.

◇4 Feet adjustable to make large heavy objects easier to achieve equilibrium,

◇Maintaining ventilation of the bottom, Anti-rust

◇Effectively reduce the washing machine vibration and noise

◇Ultra-strong rigidness, press resistance, and anti-corrosion

Package Includes: plastic plate*4;Stainless pipe *4;Non-slip mat *4

Washing machine stand :Applicable to various electrical appliances

mobile rollor

mobile rollor

furniture dolly

furniture dolly

washing machine stand

washing machine stand

Precautions for Use

Please make sure that the four feet of the appliance are correctly placed on the 4 corners of the washing machine stand.
If the locks are not fastened, or the feet of the washer are not placed on the corners, not only will the washer make a lot of noise when using it, but the washer may also tip over.

Easy to clean with 360 ° rotating casters

The washing machine stand is equipped with casters, so you can clean not only under the washing machine but also the back of the washing machine.

You can always keep the floor clean.

The casters can rotate 360 ° and move without damaging the ground.

Sturdy construction with a load capacity of approximately 300 kg

Achieves a load capacity of approximately 660lbs/300 kg.

You can use it with confidence even in a heavy drum-type washing machine.

It is the ideal storage for those who do not have a water proof tray in the washing machine storage and want to keep the washroom clean.







Non-slip Mat*4

Rubber Non-slip mat is attached to the four corners where the washing machine is placed to prevent slipping and to stabilize the washing machine itself, eliminating the noise and vibration during washing and dehydration and allowing for comfortable use.

Anti-vibration Rubber Pad

To prevent the floor from scratching, the bottom of the foot is equipped with an anti-vibration rubber pad. Wooden floors can also be used safely.

Precautions:The bottom of the foot needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the floor will produce yellow stains.If you see yellow stains, clean them with a wash thinner.

Plastic Plate

There are scaleable intervals on the back, one interval represents 2.54in/1cm. the length of the pipe can be adjusted according to the interval.


Adjustable Size:Length/width:18.3 – 25inch/46.5 – 63cm.Height:4.3 – 4.7inch/11 – 12cm.It is a telescopic base that can be extended according to the washing machine, dryer, and Refrigerator.
Easy to move:Our washing machine stand has 4 strong lifting feet + 4 locking rubber swivel wheels. Stay firm and also is easy to move with swivel wheels, which is convenient for cleaning and reworking. Able to lift washing machines and refrigerators off the ground, effectively avoiding direct contact with the ground. It solves the problem of difficult drainage and cleaning. Besides, it can also keep moisture and humidity away, prevent the washer from rusting and prolong the life of the washer.
Up to 300kg:Using Sturdy stainless steel and resin, it has excellent stability and corrosion resistance. Moreover, with feet and wheels, the load capacity is up to 660lbs/300kg.
Noise reduction and Anti-Vibration:This washing machine stand is easy to assemble. The snap-on design allows one person to complete the installation. Also, it is equipped with black anti-vibration rubber pads, which can prevent slippage, stabilize the washer, reduce the noise, and prevent vibration during the washing and spinning process.
Suitable for Various Small Home Appliances:Our moblie base can be applied to washing machines, small refrigerators and other electric appliances. Color: Depending on the shooting conditions and computer environment, the color may be slightly different from the actual color.

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